How To Raise Finance For Your Property Investment

Raising Finance Even if you don’t have the money, there are many options for
investing in property. Two very popular strategies are Rent to Rent and Lease
Options. For a fee, you can generate a lot cash flow by packaging deals and
sourcing them for investors. It doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot invest in
multimillion-pound projects, such as commercial conversions, or BTL properties
that are worth a lot.

People are willing to wait with their cash and invest in your deals, rather than
having it in their bank account where they are unlikely to see much return. They
may lose money or make a loss after taxes. Money is losing value each day.

are always looking for new opportunities. Many of these people are time-poor and
cash rich, so they don’t have time to make deals. Investors are looking for
people who can find and negotiate deals to finance their ventures and share the
profits. These people are worth meeting and building relationships with. It’s
possible to say something like “Hi Mr Smith. It was a pleasure meeting you at
yesterday’s property networking event.” I would love to meet you for further
business opportunities. Let me know when you are available to meet up. You can
also say, “There is no free lunch. But there is when you are in town.” It all
depends on the person you are dealing with. This is only one example. You can
write emails if you’re good at it. 

However, keep your messages short and
to-the-point. Dress to impress. You will never have another chance to make a
good impression. Your network is your net worth. It is what you surround
yourself with that determines who you are. We could predict your salary if you
knew how much your five closest friends earned each year. We’ll list a few
products and places where you can raise funds for property investments. You will
eventually run out money, even if you have lots of money. It is important to
have a good financial plan and borrow money from others. Successful people use
other people’s money.


Joint Venture (JV This is a great way to quickly build your property portfolio
with little capital and minimal risk. You might meet JV partners at networking
events. Some people have lots of time and can offer you great deals. Others are
busy, but have plenty of money to invest. Private investors will often have
business experience and can assist you. This experience will come in handy when
you need to analyze deals, deal details, and profit and loss. Building a
property company with partners is easier and faster than building it by
yourself. Do your research on the person you are dealing and speak with your
lawyer before you sign any JV agreement. You should analyze the JV agreement
with other people before signing it. You need the right partners to make a joint
venture work. Each partner must bring something unique to the partnership. Clear
documents should be prepared that clearly outline the partnership’s structure so
that you are clear about who is responsible. It is important to be open and
honest with one another. 
My name is Danian and I have had bad experiences with
many partners. We lost a lot of money, but that wasn’t their fault. It was mine.
You must take responsibility for your actions. I wouldn’t have signed the deal
if I hadn’t done enough research on the people I was working with. It was a
lesson learned and I’m happy it happened. You might not find the right partner
immediately, but it takes time. Trust but verify is the golden rule of business.
My current business partners have helped me to make many great deals. It
wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t attended networking events. Shane and me
travelled all the distance from London to Florida to meet and network with
people we could do business together. This is what we call sacrifice. We do
whatever it takes. To have a tomorrow like others, do today what you can’t.

You can also join forces with friends and family to make a deal. After the work
is completed, you will share 50/50 the profits. There are many ways to structure
JV deals. There might be people who do not want to make a monthly income, but
instead invest in capital appreciation. Instead of splitting the profits 50/50,
you split the cash flow each month with your partner and they share the equity.
Your JV partner will be able to benefit from the increase in house value.
However, you should have an exit strategy so that you don’t find yourself in a
situation where you want to sell the property and they want it to stay.
Remember, 50% of the deal that is financed by JV partners is better than 100%.
Crowdfunding Crowdfunding is becoming more popular.
 Many people have a great
business plan and model but limited funds. It is hard to raise money from banks
and it is costly to bridge the gap. Investors look for ways to invest their
money in order to receive a share of a company or project. In this age of
technology, it is common to fund large-scale development projects with a few
investors. Once the apartments are built, they receive a share of the profit.
Crowd funding allows anyone to invest money and receive a return of up to 10%.
Many people invest in the same project, often hundreds. This is a powerful
strategy that can be used to raise funds for movies and start-ups. Loans, Credit
Cards and Overdrafts We had little money and lots of debt when we began our
property journey. We had no other options than credit cards and overdrafts to
invest our money. We had to increase our credit limits because most of our
credit cards were exhausted. None of our money was used to invest in property
for the first time. You can’t afford to think outside the box when you don’t
have any money. These tips were provided by our mentors. They taught us how to
communicate with banks and what to say. You can tell your bank you need money to
invest property, and they will not agree.

After starting out broke, we were able to achieve financial freedom within a
year of investing in properties. We were able to overcome the myth that money is
required to make money. This was because of the knowledge we gained from
mentors, books, and creativity. You need the ability to think creatively if you
want to master property. This is how you win. Multi-millionaires and
billionaires most often made their fortunes by themselves. They started with
zero debt or any other financial obligations, so anything is possible. It is
enough to believe in yourself, create a plan for what you want and how you will
get there. Dreams can come true if you wake up. It is possible to have
everything you desire in life. All you have to do is be hungry and believe you
can achieve it. Sylvester Stallone, also known as Rocky Balboa, is an excellent
example of a selfmade millionaire.
 He was born from humble beginnings. His
apartment was destroyed and he ended up homeless. In March 1975 Stallone saw
Muhammad Ali fighting against Chuck Wepner. He went home after the fight to
write a script. He took inspiration from the fight and Rocky Graziano’s
autobiography, and began writing Rocky Balboa. Stallone tried to sell his script
to several studios, with the intent of playing the lead role in the movie. He
persevered despite receiving numerous rejections over the course of several
months. He finally received $350,000 for the rights to the script, without him
being in the movie. He refused to sell the script unless he could portray the
main character. 
After a significant budget reduction, the producers agreed that
he would be the star and the rest is history. He could have taken $350,000,
which was for him at the time a large sum. But if he did that, he wouldn’t be
where he’s today. This shows his determination. He had to sell his dog at $50 in
order to pay his bills. After his success with Rocky Balboa, he purchased his
dog back for $15,000. Angel Investors Angel investors can spend their time in
many places. You can search the internet to find the nearest one in your area.
These billionaires and millionaires travel to these areas looking for great
ideas and people who can invest their money in a company for a share of the
profits. They will not only invest but will provide all the support that you
require. They often have their own marketing and branding team. 
You must be able
to present a compelling pitch to investors that will convince them to invest in
your business or project.

It is important to know your numbers, know all about your competitors, and have
an outstanding unique selling proposition (USP). It is invaluable to have a
mentor who has achieved the goals you desire. Before I started property
investing, I was a successful investor and entrepreneur. I put all the money
that I had saved from part-time jobs, and lost it. I also got into debt. My lack
of knowledge was the main reason I failed both businesses. I didn’t have a
mentor or guidance to show me what to do, how to change it and where I was going
wrong. I was fortunate to have a mentor when I first started investing in
property. I knew where I was going, and I knew I could get support if needed. A
mentor is essential for any successful person. Imagine a soccer player in the
English Premier League without a coach or an athlete who has no mentor. Without
a coach, do you think Usain Bolt would have been the fastest runner in the
 While we have spent a lot on mentoring and coaching, angel investors can
help you get investments and mentoring in exchange for a share of your business.
Family and Friends Many people, including friends and family, have money in
their bank accounts but don’t get much return on their savings. Money is
constantly losing value. Inflation kicks in, and prices rise. You can’t purchase
what you bought for PS10 10 years ago. It is important to invest in assets that
increase in value. You can ask your friends to help you find a deal and get a
10% return on your investment. They will love the idea, as it is unlikely that
they will get more than 1% in the bank. It is up to you how you give it back.
You can either pay them monthly interest or refinance the property. It all
depends on you and the individual. After the first deal is completed, they will
be able to return their money. This will show that you are trustworthy and they
will likely lend you more money.

Sold Liabilities What does it really mean to sell liabilities? A liability is a
thing that costs you money, such as a car. A car worth PS10,000 will decrease in
value each year, and it will also cost you money every month. You will need to
pay car insurance, petrol, MOT testing, maintenance, and repairs, as well as
road tax, petrol, and petrol. You can sell your car for PS10,000, and then buy a
property at a lower market price. After 6 months you can refinance the property
and purchase a new vehicle. Or you can finance a car and earn passive income
from the house. 
You will have both a vehicle and a passive income from the
property you own. Which would you choose? Bridging Loan Bridging loans are a
great way to get money quickly for property you want to purchase. The bridgers
will accept your application within a few days and then lend you the money in as
little as 24 hours. The first loan you take out and repay it on time will make
the next one much more straightforward and faster because the bridgers know you
are trustworthy. Investors who are looking to buy houses at auctions and need to
close the deal quickly often use bridging loans. This is not possible with
standard mortgage companies. The interest rates on bridge loans can be as high
as 1-3% per month in some cases. It’s very risky and you need to be able to exit
the loan. 
You should consult a financial advisor or someone who has had
experience with bridging loans before you take out a bridging loan. This will
help you to avoid potential problems. Social Media Groups You can join many
property investing groups on Facebook for free. Ask questions, get free advice
and meet potential business partners. You can sell or buy property deals
depending on how active you are in these forums. Do your research on the seller
and the property before you buy anything. There were many deals we received, but
we discovered that most of them were on Rightmove or Gumtree. 
This revealed that
they weren’t offering us a discount, and in some cases were trying to sell us
more than the market value.

Seminars and Networking Events This is the best way to raise finance because
most of our deals and money that we have raised were made through people we met
at seminars or networking events. We are fortunate, according to some people we
know, because we can sell deals or finance deals that make us lots of money.
Guess what? We wouldn’t have met our sources or business partners if we were at
home, watching TV, playing PlayStation, or going out with friends. This is all
due to the hard work we put in and the time that we spend building relationships
and networks. Your net worth is not what you know, but who you know. Before you
can do business with anyone, you first have to put some money into the
relationship. For example, we invite potential business partners to dinner. 

food come free of charge? It isn’t. Transport is free? It is not! It is
necessary to pay for quality food, petrol and a train ticket. People who claim
they are lucky don’t consider all the costs, sacrifices and work involved. The
business relationship is similar to the one you have with your partner. It’s not
a good idea to ask for sex on your first date. Before you can do business
together, it is important to meet with potential business partners multiple
times. Private Members Club Private members’ clubs come in many forms. You might
consider joining a Lamborghini or Ferrari private members’ club if you love
cars. To be a member, you don’t have to own one. These cars are only available
to those who have the money to afford them. It could be a great benefit to meet
these people and develop relationships that can add value to your company in the
future. You can also find yacht clubs, gentleman’s clubs, and luxurious
concierge services for a monthly fee between PS50 and PS200. Access to the most
popular clubs in your area is free. There’s no need to wait in line. You will
find amazing restaurants and sold-out VIP events in the music, film, sport, and
art worlds. There are many private members’ clubs that you can choose from. It
all depends on your interests and what you are looking to do. Online information
is available about private members’ club. High End Gyms A gym is an ideal place
to meet people. There are many reasons why this is so. You will likely see the
same people daily or at least three to four times per week. This is because you
need to exercise regularly if you want your body to stay healthy. If you make
eye contact every day with someone, they will remember you and eventually you’ll
start to talk to each other. If you like each other, you will likely share
equipment, weights, and benches together. You might even go to the gym together
if you both feel comfortable.

We chose to mention high-end gyms over any other gym because wealthy people use
them for exercise. Wealthy people don’t want to go to the local gym because they
love luxury and great customer service. Everything they need, from nutrition
guidance, private medical care to spa treatments, to DNA testing to determine
which exercise is best for them, can be found in one place. Because success is a
matter of who you surround yourself with, they want to be around successful
people. The joining fees for high-end gyms can be as high as 600 to 600 and as
low at PS185 to 240 per month. Knightsbridge is the most expensive in London, at
PS2000 per month and PS500 to join. You have many options. There are many gyms
that are equally good, attract high-achieving people, and they cost less. 
monthly cost of a Virgin Active or David Lloyds gym is around PS70-90. Although
high-end gyms can be expensive, it can sometimes be a good investment. Is the
PS200 per monthly worth it if you can find someone who will finance your project
from PS500,000 to PS1,000,000, or a JV with you? People spend PS3 every day on
coffee, which is PS3 x 5 days = PS15 per week! That’s a total cost of PS60 in
one month. You could save that money and use it to pay for a gym membership,
which will be more beneficial than your daily coffee. There are many other
places rich people can spend their time. Charity balls are a great place to
spend your time as there is lots of bidding and fundraising to help those less

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